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Introducing CurbAware

We’ve created a new restaurant curbside app to use for free and easily add curbside to your restaurant/! Sign up over at CurbAware.com to try us out for free!

Restaurant Food Cost Management Software

With CostBrain software, restaurants manage their food costs in real time. We help you track your invoice as a digital copy.  Each invoice links to your recipes and ingredients. The result? The true cost of every item on your menu in real time.

Get All The Insight You Need

CostBrain turns your phone and tablet into valuable tools.  Turn your invoices into data for making cost saving decisions.  Focus on your restaurant rather than food costing.

“I spent hours researching the overwhelmingly numerous food costing programs on the market to use for my start-up business. I chose CostBrain because it was by far the slickest, most user friendly looking product I came across. An unadvertised bonus that I discovered after subscribing is that the CostBrain developers are keen to collaborate with users to further develop ideal cost control solutions for the food service industry. I look forward to using the enhancements to come. I’m so glad I chose CostBrain!”

Katrina MacKenzie, Katrina’s Kitchen

After being given a grant to research the restaurant industry, we conducted a study across 50 restaurants. The result of our study concluded, food cost management is a problem facing most restaurants.

We created CostBrain as a restaurant solution, to make everything from recipe costing to invoice entry a much easier process.