Adding Invoices: Step By Step

First Steps: Before adding an invoice, a vendor needs to be added.  Vendors are the company you buy your ingredients from. If you have one off ingredients we recommend using a vendor called “custom”. Ingredients such as tomatoes, milk, etc, that you get from multiple vendors can be better tracking under a unique vendor.

Getting Started: Select the vendor that pertains to the invoice you are adding. Fill in the information that follows.

Invoice #: The number of the invoice.

Order Date: The date the order was place.

Due Date: When you should have your invoice paid by (not required).

Status: Whether or not you’ve paid the invoice (not required, but helpful).

Tax Percent: The total tax in your area.  This will be used to calculate the tax rate for each item in which tax applies.

Adding Line Items: Read our article on how to add line items to invoices.

CostBrain Restaurant Invoices