Adding Line Items To Invoices

Line items are lines that contain information to each restaurant item you’ve ordered.  This contains valuable price and quantity information that will help you later track recipe costs and more.

Hit the Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 7.08.42 PM symbol to add a new line item.

Item #: The unique alphanumeric code representing the item.

Description: A written representation of the line item.

Qty: The number of packs/containers ordered.

Price: What each individual pack/container costs.

Pack Size: The number of units contained within a pack. For example, a box containing four cans of corn would have a pack size of 4.

Unit Size: How large the individual unit is.  This box has a second part called Unit Type where you actually select the measurement type.  If a can of corn is 12 ounces, the unit size would be 12.

Unit Type: The measurement type. If a can of corn is 12 ounces, the unit type would be oz (short for ounces).

Tax: Check the box if the item is taxed and the tax rate will be applied to this item.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 7.09.57 PM

Custom Line Items: Note that if adding custom line items to custom invoices, never use the same item # twice for different items.  The item # is a unique way to track items.  If you assign two different items the number 1294 for example, they will be considered the same item. Make sure to assign each item a unique line item number.