Adding Restaurant Recipes Made Easy

Start off by clicking the recipe tab. Click the Add Recipe button in blue. Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 5.35.21 PM

Note: Before you can add any recipes, you need ingredients!  You’ll have to go back to the ingredient tab if you haven’t added any recipes yet. You can add recipes in right away that are not yet linked to invoices, or start linking your recipes to invoices to get more accurate food costing information. You’ll get this warning if your recipes are empty: You must create an ingredient before you can add recipes.

Already have recipes? Let’s move forward then!

  1. First off name your recipe (generally the name plate goes under on your recipes, or the name of the sub recipe you use.
  2. Add in the prep time. This is the amount of time an employee spends on actual preparation. This does no include time cooking. This helps calculate the employee cost for each meal. We take an average of the pay based on the skill level of an employee to come up with a labor cost for each recipe.
  3. Decide the skill level. How hard is the recipe to make? Does it require special expertise?
  4. Select whether the recipe is sellable or a prep item that will be used for other recipes.
  5. If you’ve made it this far you can start adding in your ingredients. We will automatically calculate the cost between measurements for you.  However you can not switch between weight and volume measurements. You have to use whatever measurement is on your invoice.
  6. Have sub recipes? Add them next!