Alternative Review Of Simple Order Restaurant Software

We took a look at the Simple Order software that helps restaurants manage their business. CostBrain it turns out is a suitable and easy alternative for this software and comes in at a much cheaper price. In fact, we will go into a comparison between Simple Order and CostBrain to help you determine if we offer a suitable alternative to their costing software. While this is not meant to be a full review of Simple Order, this will help you understand the difference between our software and theirs.

How Simple Order Works

They offer according to their site “Restaurant inventory management software featuring purchasing and menu costing.”

Pricing Comparison
Their pricing is essentially double what it would cost to use CostBrain. We offer a free trial and our basic service at $25 which gives you nearly the same tools as their $85 Per month plane. Their service even cost $99 month to month. On the same token, if you ever want to temporarily suspend access, we will keep your data for you, not charge, and let you re pickup your subscription at a later point. While they say $99 is a “low cost” Software as a Service Package, we offer a lot cheaper options for getting started. We will even give you a free trial to start.

Ease of Use
Like our software, they also have an app, and the ability to access the software through the “cloud”. That means not having to download anything to get started. We’ve had clients comment that our software was easier to use, but this just comes down to personal preference.

Main Difference
While we focus working exclusively with restaurants and adding new features on demand that restaurants request, they also work directly with vendors and food suppliers. Simple Order has a much larger scope than CostBrain in this comparison. While we prefer to put all our resources into one area, they also work with the other parts of the restaurant industry.

Should you consider CostBrain over SimpleOrder? This all comes down to preference and cost. We work with restaurants all over the glove and offer completely free over the phone and when feasible in person help. We launched two years ago and have been adding new features on a monthly basis.

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