How To Build a Free Restaurant Ordering App (Android / IOS)

When it comes to build a restaurant ordering app, there are many factors to consider. From how good the app looks or even, does it provide the features I need? We asked ourselves before recommending any of the restaurant ordering apps available. Some of these are free and some require signup or a small fee to get started.

Restaurant Ordering App for the Non Technical Owner

The easiest solution would be to use CurbAware’s free restaurant ordering app builder. They make you an iPhone app that lists your menu and even allows for curbside ordering notifications. Even better your guests can make an account that saves their information for use the next time.

Whats the catch?

You need to use their ordering system as it connects to their backend to the app. On the positive side however, it did provide a great way to manage my menu and have the app automatically rather than rebuilding the app every single time. Keep that in mind before using an app builder, you don’t want to have to keep pushing new updates every time you want to make a change.

Signing up?

Right now they are offering nothing¬† to sign up with no monthly fees which is already far more affordable than most of the options out there including ChowNow which lets face it, charges a lot for providing very little. We’d highly recommend this over that.


Get A Mobile App for the Technically Savvy

One place I’d recommend checking out is codecanyon. They sell prebuilt scripts you can use to build your own mobile application. You’ll find a ton of different options here to build an app. Keep in mind you’ll have to be able to connect to the database of your menu and display it. Using a simple web wrap app seems to no long get approved for Apple.

Make sure you read through the documents, etc before purchasing and make sure you actually can build it. I’ve seen some that are technically hard and others with easy 1 2 3 instructions. Keep in mind if you hire someone else to build it, apps can cost up to $1000 or more to build and have to be maintained with Apple’s guidelines which change from time to time.