Cortec And ChefTec Restaurant Management Alternative

Many people have been asking us for an alternative to ChefTec. We developed CostBrain as a web solution that provides an easier to use interface than ChefTec.

While we think ChefTec does work for some people, we had a hard time using it. We developed this project as a way to easily add in invoices, track recipes, and enter in custom ingredients.

Our goal is to help restaurants improve their margins which will ultimately lead to profit increases. We work with a variety of small restaurants al the way to small chains, and provide services to other food service operations such as food trucks and independent food providers.

We link invoices to ingredients and recipes. This lets us provide an accurate picture of whats going on and lets you track your software. The reason we prefer our software over ChefTec? We are a full web interface. We allow you to access the software anywhere whether on your tablet, home computer, or even on your smartphone. There is no software to download! This makes it easy to access your account even if you switch services.cheftec cost comparison

Cheftec Cost Comparison

Another thing people are interested in comparing is the Cheftec cost vs our monthly cost.  Take for instance Cheftec plus which can cost over $1000 to get started. CostBrain on the other hand cost as long as $25 which gets you most of all the features you need to run your business. Adding sales and inventory is just $40 a month. That means no setup fees!

Even their basic setup is $595 upfront!  Our basic is just $25 per month.  Why do we charge a monthly fee? This allows us to keep making the software better!  We also offer customer support 7 days a week.  We’re here to answer any questions you may have.

Downloading Cheftec Vs CostBrain Download

While both software can be downloaded, Cheftec actually has to be run on a windows device. We were unable to find any mac support, though you could virtually run it on your computer. CostBrain unlike Cheftec can be run on multiple devices without any download necessary. You can run it and save your data right in your browser with no download needed. However, we have developed our own iPhone app for those who want to download and more easily access our software.

We also provide a completely free verison of our software unlike the Cheftec service. You can enter and save invoices without any cost to you! The invoice section of our software will always be free.

Signing Up

Interested in trying out free? Check out our beta!