CostBrain Features

Current CostBrain Features

Here is a brief overview of all the features we offer.
Find out more about each topic by clicking the U+21E8.gif symbol.

1. Ingredients Listing Page

  • Search through your entire list of ingredients. U+21E8.gif
  • See how much you have in stock with linked inventory.U+21E8.gif
  • Mute/Hide ingredients from your list as needed.U+21E8.gif
  • Add non vendor ingredients without an invoice.


2. Recipes Listing Page

  • Set the number of portions your recipe makes.
  • Get per portion and entire recipe costs.
  • Automatic Food Cost Margin Calculated
  • Add exact measurements by ingredients.
  • Add sub recipes. (Create prep recipes and use them on recipes)

3. Invoices Manager

  • Scan invoices using your mobile phone.
  • Import invoices from an excel file.
  • Manually enter invoices from vendors, farmers markets, or even grocery stores.


4.Inventory Tracker

  • Track inventory on your ingredients.
  • See the overall value of your current stock based on the latest invoice price.
  • Compare current stock with previous stock amounts.


5. Sales Overview

  • Keep track of sales by any period.
  • Record total sold.
  • Calculates your profit per recipe sold.