Food Costing Software: Mac and Pc Support

Our software supports multiple platforms. Not only can you use CostBrain food costing software on a mac, but it also works on a pc as well. Because CostBrain works by using a browser, you can essentially use this software on any system that runs a browser.  You could potentially even use CostBrain on an Xbox gaming system though it may be hard to enter in all that data!

The beauty of this platform is the fact that no software needs to be downloaded! Accessing the software is as easy as just visiting the website and logging in.  All of your data gets saved in “the cloud” so all you have to do is save your data.

Login on a different device and your data is still there!

Using CostBrain Restaurant Software on a Mac
While the default browser software for Mac is Safari, we recommend using Google Chrome. While you can use any browser, Chrome works a lot faster and more seamless in our experience. That does mean nothing needs to be downloaded to start using this restaurant software. Simply just login or signup.

mac restaurant software

Using Windows Software Version
While windows comes with internet explorer, we still recommend using Google Chrome. In our experience, Chrome just works better. But then again, it can be used in any browser. Just make sure to save your work and you can open it anywhere, on any other of your devices. Logging in is the best way to get started.