Reduce Restaurant Time and Cost

CostBrain is focused on reducing the time it takes to enter your invoices, calculate your costs, and do all your back on paper work.  Our app is designed around helping you reduce your input and calcuation so you can focus on running your restaurant!


We do this in several ways:

  1. We automate your invoices
    Why enter your invoices by hand? Just take a scan of your invoice and we’ll do the rest. Our software works with every vendor.  For as low as $1.80 per invoice we’ll turn it into a digital copy.
  2. We Auto Calculate Your Costs
    See exactly what each ingredient cost down to the exact measurement. We’ll tell you what 1 ounce cost even though your ingredient gets shipped by the pound.
  3. Get Automated Reports and Insight
    We automatically generate reports and insight to help you get the exact information you need to improve your costs.