Restaurant Invoice Scanning Software

Scanning is as simply as taking a picture of your invoice with your smart phone.

Why Scan Restaurant Invoices Using CostBrain?
Why spend your time entering invoices when we can do that for you? Our system scans in the invoice from your photo as mentioned. We double check manually to make sure all the info is correct so you know that your data is correct.  Focus on optimizing your profits rather than entering in invoices by end.

restaurant invoice scan

Scanned Invoices Get Digitized
We then convert the invoice within 24 hours into a digital copy.  Each invoice line becomes digitized.

invoice line item

Why Digitize Line Items?
This lets you track costs. Each new invoice updates your prices instantly.  This lets you see how your profits are affected. You will be able to see reports as to your exact cost change.

invoice scan reports

The more data you have scanned in, the more accurate your reports will be. Simply scan in your invoices or manually enter them as soon as you receive them and you will know exactly where your costs stand.

The Future of Restaurant Invoice Scanning
Unfortunately as many vendors do not provide digital copies we’ve had to offer this service. Our goal is to get more food vendors to switch over and provide a digital copy. With a digital copy we’ll no longer have to charge for invoice scans, since with digital information we can trust that the data will be correct.  Even with the best optical character recognition their exists no guarantee that your data is correct.  Since food vendors often follow different invoicing standards, there is no guarantee your data will be entered correctly. This brings us into why we charge for scanning at all.

Why We Charge for Invoice Digitization
While scanning software can do most of the grunt work in regards to uploading documents, it is not full proof as mentioned.  To make sure all data is in the correct spot, we actually use human vision to confirm all data is correct.  That’s right…. we manually review all the data that comes in.

Why Is My CostBrain Invoice Scan Still Pending?
Pending Invoice Scan

The short answer to that question is, we haven’t had a chance to look at your scan yet. Generally a scan will take up to 24 hours to be entered into the system.  The more invoices you’ve scanned with us, the faster the process generally goes.  Why? Because with each invoice scanned, we can generally improve our system of scanning.

Other factors influencing turnaround time include:
1. Invoice Length (How many line items exist, shorter = faster)
2. Invoice Scan Quality (Making sure the data is clear and legible)
3. New Vs Existing Line Items – If you’ve already scanned in items and have a lengthy item list, generally our process goes much faster.

Other Restaurant Invoice Scanning Software Options

We’ve tried other apps as well, some not even designed for restaurants. Google itself is on the leaders in software scanning. In fact using your Google Drive you can convert images to text.

Steps to use Google Invoice Scanning

  1. On your computer, go to
  2. Right-click on the desired file.
  3. Click Open with and then Google Docs.

Downsides to Google invoices scanning? They will not put it in the nice format we offer at CostBrain. You will need to copy and paste all the fields. There is also no manual verification. That means that any bad scanned data will mean bad until corrected by the human eye.

What won’t be detected by Google?

  • Lists, tables, columns, footnotes, and endnotes

What about Android / IOS Invoice Scanning Options?

CamScanner is one option you can download for free. However since this is freemium software, you will need to pay $5 per month / $50 per year to get most features out of it. That includes cloud storage as well as other scanning features. Again, this will provide you a record but none of the restaurant food costing features that CostBrain provides.