Scanning In Invoices

CostBrain offers a variety of ways to scan in your invoice.

Excel Importing With CSV Files
We offer the ability to scan in excel (csv) files. We have developed our own format that allows you to custom scan in your own invoice files. For vendors that provide their own download format, we allow you to email us with the format so that we can add the format into our system. You will be able to easily scan in any vendors or use our custom format.

Invoice Scanning By Photo
We allow you to take a photo of your invoice to make a digital copy.  Simply take a photo with your phone. CostBrain will turn it into a digital copy.  That means no manual entry. Just use your phones camera and within 24 hours your photo will be turned into a digital copy. We even go line by line through your scanned in copy to make sure all of the information is correctly scanned in.

invoice scans

invoice scan